Bull Men

Chris Van Deelen

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 4
HD: 16
Attacks: by weapon or 1 ram, 2 claws and 1 bite
Damage: by weapon +3d6 (if melee), 1d12+3d6, 2d4+3d6 / 2d4+3d6 / 2d3+3d6
Save: L16
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: 1d3 primitive firearms and melee weapons, II, III, V, VII, VIII, XIV, XVII

During the years leading up to the final wars, the Ancients had a habit of tinkering with the genome in order to not only improve life, but often they would create entirely new organisms. One habit they had was to bring mythological creatures to life. That led to the creation of the ‘Exotics’ (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 4: New Races for more information) as well as other creatures. One particular race that they created was based upon the mythological Minotaur. These half men, half bull creatures were bred at first for pure fun by scientists in the ancient country of Greece.

As it turned out these ‘bull men’ as they were soon dubbed proved to be excellent heavy-duty workers as they were immensely strong, and made even better soldiers and gladiators.

Before research could continue however, hostilities broke out and the final wars began. Everyone knows the end result of these clashes. These genetically-engineered creatures escaped captivity and those who survived as soldiers and in the heavy industrialized centers soon found that they were now free and without anyone controlling their destiny.

Tribes sprouted and they ended up moving all over the Mediterranean and some eventually found transport and came across the ocean to land in the Gulf of Mexico, where they settled in the vast plains of Texas and further south into Mexico.

Despite their appearance, these creatures are not ‘dumb as cows’ as many would like to believe. The opposite is true. They are very intelligent and these creatures have developed a complex society based on democracy and a tribal system all in one. Rarely do the tribes war against one another; in fact they tend to trade and swap members in order to keep their gene-pool strong. Physically the typical specimen stands around nine feet tall and weighs well over two thousand pounds. The females tend to be just a little shorter, usually standing at eight feet and weighing in at 1500 pounds.

They are slightly xenophobic, and generally do not like to deal with outsiders all that much, although if outsiders can get past their animalistic visage and get to know the individuals, they will soon discover that these creatures are as smart and have personalities as varied as any humanoid.

They are also not adverse to using technology, although due to their massive size and strength, most weapons and equipment built for humans is simply too small or fragile for these creatures to wield easily. They are not opposed to using anything that they are able, and have been known to build weapons and even armor to suit their physiques.

Like many humanoids, these creatures take mates for life. They build complex families and they are typically run by the female. They will mate for fun but when it comes to offspring, they typically produce one child every five years. The females have a very long gestation period, typically lasting twenty to twenty four-months. The young grow to sexual maturity after fifteen years. Even once a child has reached maturity they tend to stay with their family until they find mates of their own or go off to join another tribe.

One thing that these creatures cannot seem to shake is the near instinctual need for one-on-one combat. They will often fight just for fun, with the victory going to first blood. Quite often when there is a dispute between tribes, they will send champions to battle, with the dispute being decided through combat.

Honor is something they hold very highly as well. They cannot abide a thief or a liar or anyone who displays dishonor towards them or others. As such, anyone who acts honorably with these people will discover that they have made a friend or ally who will stand at their side through thick or thin.

When it comes to combat, they do prefer to use their natural weapons, and they love to ram a target with their horns, but they will gladly use melee weapons or even firearms if they can wield these items. Also it has been discovered that their hide is incredibly tough and they have a natural Damage Resistance o 12 against most types of attack.

Despite the fact that these creatures are genetically related to cattle, they are in fact carnivorous and prefer meat. Some believe that when they consume beef they are being cannibalistic, but the fact is that despite outer appearances, they have more in common with humans than cattle. So they will enjoy a good steak or burger just like any other humanoid. In fact it is one of their favorite jokes to pull off on humanoids they make friends with. They invite them over for a meal which is typically a large BBQ.

And they are excellent ranchers, some tribes often owing thousands of head of cattle (normal and mutated).

Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism, natural weapons), increased physical attribute (strength), natural armor (modified).

Source: Monster Hunter International: Alpha by Larry Correia