Brand of Chaos

William T. Thrasher
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A brand is a special thing, For some it is a permanent reminder of one's allegiance, for others a mark of ownership. For still others it is a demonstration of power. For those who channel the ineffable Powers of change, it is both blessing and curse, depending on who is giving the brand and who receives it.


School evocation; Level cleric 5, witch 6, anti-paladin 6

Casting Time 10 minutes

Components V, S, F (a branding iron marked with sigils of chaos)

Range touch

Target creature touched

Duration 1 day/level; see text

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

You scar a target's flesh with a searing brand, marking their body and soul as a thing of chaos. This has a number of effects

  • If the target is a spellcaster, they must succeed in a caster level check vs. this spell before casting any lawful or neutral spell. Conversely, the wearer of the brand gains a +2 bonus on all caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance when casting chaotic spells and all chaotic spells that allow saving throws increase their saving throw DCs by +2.
  • If the target perishes while wearing the brand, their soul is immediately condemned (or rewarded) to a chaotic afterlife of the caster's choosing.
  • Chaotic outsiders will see the wearer of the brand as kin, and will not attack the wearer unless threatened. Likewise, lawful outsiders bare an instinctive hatred of the wearer of the brand and will attack with minimal provocation.
  • Double the duration of all summoning spells the wearer of the brand casts to summoning chaotic creatures. Likewise, the DC for lawful creatures to resist abjuration spells meant to banish them increase by +2.
  • The wearer of the brand is considered to be of chaotic alignment for the purposes of all spells and effects related to alignment.
  • Natural attacks and unarmed strikes made by the wearer of the brand are chaotic for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance.

Since this spell takes 10 minutes to cast and involves branding the target, you can cast it only on a creature that is willing or restrained.

When this spell's duration ends, the brand becomes a mundane, if ornate, scar. However, you may "recharge" the brand with another casting of this spell provided both you and your target are on the same plane. Recharging the brand in this way takes 1 full round action using the same branding iron used in the original casting as a focus. A brand cannot be recharged in this way if it has been healed or removed.

Like the effect of bestow curse, a brand of chaos cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed with a break enchantmentlimited wishmiracleremove curse, or wish spell. Remove curse works only if its caster level is equal to or higher than your brand of chaos caster level.

And individual can only have one mark of chaos active upon their body at one time. Additional marks have no effect.