Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d12
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 210’ (70’)
AC: 6
HD: 2
Attacks: 1 proboscis
Damage: 1d8+1 & Special
Save: L2
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: N/A

These are gargantuan mutated mosquitoes commonly found in the wastelands. Like the vermin of old, they are seasonal, especially in the northern climates where winter would kill them off.  In regions where it is warm year round, especially areas that get plenty of rainfall, these creatures are plentiful and quite the nuisance.

The creatures are typically about three feet in length and can weigh in at twenty or more pounds, making them some of the largest variety of this mutant encountered.

They fly around in small groups, always on the lookout for prey to drain. They will attack, trying to stick their large proboscis into the victim, where they will then begin to drain blood. The initial strike will inflict the damage listed, and each round that the creature has its proboscis inside the victim; it will automatically drain 2d4 points of blood.

While it is on the victim and draining blood, it makes the creature more vulnerable to be hit. The problem in doing so is that if an attack against the creature misses by 4 or more, the attack will instead strike the victim, inflicting the damage on the victim instead.

The blood drained by the monster will be added to the creatures hit points, and surprising enough instead of making it easier to hit, the blood will in fact toughen the exoskeleton of the monster. For every 8 points of blood drained, the creature will gain a -1 to its AC and any damage sustained will be first taken off this reserve of hit-points. Likewise, once the extra hit points have been lost, any bonus to the creatures AC will also be lost.

It is quite common for these monsters to swarm over a single target, harassing it while one or two attach themselves to drain the blood. Once the victim has been killed, the creatures (who are asexual in nature) will each lay 2d20 eggs on the body.

The eggs will require 1d4 days to incubate and mature, at which time they will hatch and feed off the rotting flesh of the victim. It will take 2d8 days for the larva to fully mature, at which time they will then burst forth from the body and begin the process all over again.

The larva and eggs are easily destroyed, requiring only 1 hit point of damage to do so, and are especially vulnerable to fire and area effect weapons.

It has also been discovered that both the eggs and larva, when consumed raw, will toughen the consumers flesh, giving them a bonus of -2 to their natural AC. This will last for 2d12 hours and requires no less than 10 eggs or larva to be eaten.

Mutations Aberrant form (natural weapons), gigantism.

Source: Fallout 4 (2015)