Bleeder - A Starfinder / Pathfinder Monster

Chris Van Deelen

CR: 7

XP: 3,200

Medium Plant

Alignment: Neutral

Init:+4; Senses: +0; low light 60’ feet; Perception:

AC:26 ; Touch:14 ; Flat-footed:22 (+4 Dexterity, +12 natural armor)

HP: 145 (10d8+100)

Fort:+17 ; Ref:+11 ; Will:+4

Immunities: Plant traits, immune to acid

Speed: N/A

Melee: +13 two Pseudopods 1d8+6+acid (see blood acid)

Ranged: +11 (see blood acid)

Space: 5 ft.; Reach: 5 ft.

Special Attacks: Blood acid, blood compulsion

Stats: Str:22, Dex:18, Con:30, Int:- , Wis:10 , Cha:10

Base Atk: +7 CMB:+13 CMD:27

Languages: None

Environment: Any (except cold) forest

Organization: Solitary

Treasure: Incidental

Special abilities:

Blood Acid: (Ex) – The plant is able to squirt a stream of thick fluid which looks and smells like blood, but is acidic in nature. This is a ranged attack, with a maximum range of 45 feet, and has an area of effect of 10 feet.  It can only use this ability once per round as a full round action, and any target in the area of effect is allowed a Reflex save (DC ) for half damage. The acid it sprays will inflict 3d6 points of damage, and will reduce every round after the initial round by 1d6. Those who make the reflex saving throw do not suffer this additional damage. Anyone foolish enough to touch the plant with a natural weapon or bare appendages will automatically suffer the damage, no saving throw allowed.

Blood Compulsion: (Su) – Any creature coming within 30 feet of the fungus must make a Will save (DC ) or feel the compulsion to come up and touch the blood-like fluid dripping from the fungus. Each round the victim is allowed another saving throw to resist this compulsion, and if it succeeds, then it is allowed to act normally. Each round it fails, however, the victim will remain in full contact with the fungus, and as such will suffer the effects of the blood acid (above).


This strange fungus is found in all but the coldest forests. This fungus has a symbiotic relationship with trees, always growing on the bark, typically hidden by branches until it is too late to see it.

The fungus appears to be a bumpy, white protrusion, growing on the bark. It has been described as looking like porridge or a type of pastry. When disturbed, the plant is capable of bursting the bumps on it, exuding a thick, red fluid with the consistency and iron smell of blood. On average, the fungus will cover 1 square foot of the tree per hit dice, with the average growth covering around 10 square feet.

Although it requires trees to survive, it does not harm them, instead it gains the tree’s natural bark, incorporating it into its own structure, while using pheromones to cause creatures to come up to it and touch it. If such a creature is killed while doing so, the corpse will remain on the ground, and the organic components released during its decomposition will feed the tree.

If a creature proves to be immune to the compulsion and somehow manages to avoid the blood acid, the fungus is fully capable of creating a pair of pseudo-pods in which to attack targets.  These are melee attacks, and anyone struck by the pods automatically suffer the effects of the blood acid (above)

This fungus reproduces much in the same manner as all other types of fungus – it produces spoors. When the fungus is killed, it will burst open, releasing a cloud of spoors into the area. Other than coating everything in a thin red film, this fungus is harmless. The spoors will travel on the air currents as well as on other creatures and will eventually fall free and take up a symbiotic relationship with another tree. When this happens, the fungus will grow, gaining 1 hit dice per month until it reaches its maximum size of 10 hit dice.

The only way to prevent this from occurring is to destroy the fungus with fire, which will prevent the spoors from spreading upon its death.