BASH Fantasy: Monster of Ethiopia - The Boharia- the Dread Wolf of Ethiopia!

Clint Staples

This is a conversion of Michael O. Varhola's 5e D&D write-up of the Boharia, a supernatural canine that stalks the wilds of Ethiopian Legend. I cannot add anything to the background, history or habits of the beast, so I am reprinting Mike's work here, just adding a set of BASH Fantasy stats for it.

Boharia are a species of wolf native to the hills and valleys of northern Ethiopia, particularly the Tigre region, where they are a considerable nuisance because of their proclivity to kill and eat livestock like sheep and goats. While they do not find people to be palatable and are thus not generally a direct threat because they tend to avoid attacking or killing them, their blood is highly toxic, something that can make battling them very hazardous.