BASH Fantasy - Heroes of Kos - Player Characters for Sea-Lord of the Sunken Grotto!

Clint Staples

Here are the three PCs for this Thursday's D-Infinity PLAYS! Live BASH Fantasy Swords of Kos Adventure 'Sea-lord of the Sunken Grotto!" That is tomorrow, Feb. 18, at 9 Eastern, just to be clear. If you click on the link above, it will take you to the event page, where you can express interest, or confirm that you are going, and you will be notified of any further developments - including getting a link to the show when it is getting ready to start.

For our three players, I have converted three iconic characters from the Swords of Kos fnatasy campaign setting to BASH.  You can take a look at them by clicking on the links just below the image.

Peleas, Acolyte of Poseidon" - Peleas is a priest and champion of Poseidon. He has served the sea god for several years and has come to be seen as a potent symbol of the Earth-Shaker's Wrath. A befits the sea god, Peleas has considerable mastery over water, including the ability to become water for short periods. He can also also bestow the life-giving energy of water to the wounded, aiding their bodies in healing.

Pumayo, Demonkin Animator - This demonkin wizard has some of the eldritch hardiness and abilities, in addition to the horns, of his supernatural father, as well as some hard-won knowledge of the arcane arts. His particular interest is in animating objects, and Pumayo is particularly good at it. He can animate a shield talisman, causing it to grow and shield himself or an ally, OR to surround and confound an enemy. He can also animate objects he finds, anything from furniture to statues, even his crossbow, to fight, or work, for him. Finally, his familiar, a tiny poisonous snake, can act as remote eyes, ears, or a sudden nasty surprise bite, at need.

Anne Pieger, Sailor and Agent for Hire - Anne is a young half-elf, eager to explore, especially the ruins from before the Cataclysm. As such, she has accumulated considerable experience for her years, finding that stealth and lock-picking have been just as useful as her skill with a crossbow. As sole owner of her own sail boat, she ferries travelers to and from the mainland, or to other, riskier locales, occasionally pitching in as an agent for hire, but definitely not a mere hireling. hewr skills have saved more than one "adventurer" who was less prepared than he might have been.


What will these three face? Well that would be telling. But it should not come as much of a surprise, given the title, that a sea voyage to a sunken grotto is involved, whatever that might entail. You might also get a sneak peak at some of the entries in my current project - BASH Fantasy - Men and Monsters of Kos, a book of conversions of Swords of Kos races and creatures for the brand, spanking new BASH Fantasy, soon to be published by Skirmisher Publishing.


Hope you will join us tomorrow!


Art for this post from the 2D, side scrolling video game of Ancient Greek apocalypse - Apotheon!