Balm of Infernal Healing

Chris Van Deelen

Balm of Infernal healing

Price: 30,000 Aura: Faint conjuration (CL): 5th Weight: ½ lb.

Typically stored in jars, the balm appears as a thick paste, which has a deep reddish hue and smells faintly of sulfur. When rubbed on a wound, it instantly heals the user for 1d8+5 hit points of damage. The user likewise gains Fast Healing 1, and this will last for 5 rounds. The balm is used up during the process but it will magically refill after only 1 hour. If removed and not used, the balm will lose its magical properties after only 10 minutes, so it cannot be removed and stored. Typically created by evil clerics and followers of infernal powers, this balm has been modified to work on any being of any alignment, without taking on an evil aura as is the case with the spell.

Construction requirements: Craft wondrous item, blood of any fiend or demon, Cure light wounds, Infernal Healing Cost: 15,000