Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 6

Michael O. Varhola

their attempt to formulate a plan, they realized they had no idea where their nemeses might be or how to find them.

"If what we came for isn't here then why don't we just leave?" Selene asked. The idea of leaving empty-handed made no sense at all to the rest of the party members and they expressed this to the priestess in no uncertain terms, making it clear that their intent was to salvage the situation to the greatest extent possible. Somehow this did not really seem to make sense to the Half-Elf but she nonetheless agreed to go along with whatever the rest of them wanted to do.

Eventually the party members came to the conclusion that the most productive course of action would be to resume their exploration of the catacombs, selecting a few choice-looking tombs that they had not visited previously but also exploring how lucrative it might be to attempt looting the hundreds or thousands of individual vaults that lined the dozens of secondary hallways. While the larger tombs tended to have respectable amounts of loot in them, they also tended to be well protected by traps, magical wards, and monsters of various sorts, and this seemed less likely to be an issue with the smaller vaults. These, indeed, seemed to have been a target of the party that had preceded them into the catacombs, and they appeared to have gotten a decent payoff from the limited number of burial niches they had broken into. Those adventurers had, of course, apparently all been slain, but that did not seem to be in any way connected with the specific places they had pillaged within the necropolis.

Then, once the companions had accumulated as much as they could reasonably carry, they would return to Kos City and liquidate their haul — after which, barring unforeseen circumstances, they could repeat the process as many times as they wished. They only had a few days worth of food on them but if they needed to stretch it out by a day or two they could collect pomegranates and asphodel from the great sinkhole cavern where these grew, the long-term detrimental effects associated with eating them being less of a concern if they did not remain in the place overly long or once again become trapped in it. Parthenia also said that she could take half a day to hunt and