Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 4

Michael O. Varhola

place for Selene to hide and they were concerned that if she went across the stream with them that she would once again become trapped and unable to return to the other side.

"I believe I may have a solution to our dilemma," Pumayo said. "If the shaft you climbed out of is as you have described, I should have no trouble magically levitating Selene or anyone else up and out of it. The rest of us could then simply walk out, meet on the outside, and return to Kos as planned."

This seemed like a reasonable suggestion and, while the women were suspicious of arcane magic in general, there did not seem to be a better solution to their problem, and so they assented to it. With night and the need for a secure place to rest imminent, the party decided to cross over the stream of the Styx, make their way back to the Anemoi tomb where their treasure was stored, and camp there. Then, in the morning they would return to Kos City with their spoils and be back in time for supper and drinks at the Four Winds Bar.

Just before they left the room, Paros selected the bottom halves of a couple of large, broken jars, ground off their sharp edges on the stone floor, and then stuffed them into his backpack, along with several long strips of embalming linens. 

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