Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 3

Michael O. Varhola

Read "Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 2"

Two days later, the party rose with the dawn, hefted their gear and the supplies they had bought the day before, and headed out of Kos City . The two women, looking like twin Amazons in their archaic bronze panoplies, led the way on the main road to the west, walking side by side and chatting together. Paros and Pumayo followed a short distance behind, speaking amongst themselves.

Selene and Parthenia, of course, were equipped with the armor and matching shields they had found in the Anemoi family tomb, the priestess in the panoply bearing the likeness and symbols of Zephyrus, God of the West Wind, and the barbarian wearing the suit evocative of Boreas, God of the North Wind. The clerical Half-Elf was moderately armed with a morningstar, longbow, and dagger, but the martial Elf was a veritable walking arsenal. In her hand she clutched a long, bronze-headed spear, across her back were affixed a greatsword, a longbow, and a quiver filled with a score of arrows, upon her heavy leather swordbelt hung a longsword and morningstar, and elsewhere upon her person were at least two daggers. Suffice it to say, she wanted to ensure that she both always had enough weapons and the right ones for any particular job.

"Is she stupid?" Pumayo asked quietly. "The priestess, I mean; the other is clearly very cunning. But I can't understand a thing the Half-Elf says."

"No, no, it's not that ... " Paros began, smiling slightly, having an idea of what the wizard meant but unsure of exactly how to answer. "She just has ... other ways of knowing . Maybe it's because she worships a moon goddess, or has spent most of her life in some weird little town in the middle of nowhere where she never deals with normal people. She is no genius, certainly, but the real issue is that she has a completely alien way of perceiving things. I can't figure out what she is on about half the time either. But Parthenia seems to be able to communicate with her alright."

Paros took the opportunity to look over his companion during this exchange and make note of what he was wearing and equipped with and saw that some of it was familiar to him but some of it not. The wizard wore a set of heavy, dark