Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 2

Michael O. Varhola

you retrieved it," Pumayo began. "It would allow the one wearing it, once he had crossed over the enchanted stream that prevented people from returning to its near side, to cross back over freely. It has no limits on the number of times it can be used but, in any event, can only bestow its benefits upon one person, until being carried back across the water by another. In short, it cannot be used by one person to cross back over the stream and then thrown across to another and used by them." Pumayo tucked the amulet he was wearing into his robes.

Paros was stunned, and he sat there slack-jawed in disbelief. All the horrors they had suffered from being trapped in the catacombs — the lingering starvation, the being steadily transformed into shades that would have forever been condemned to wander the gloomy corridors of the place — could have been forgone simply be placing these amulets around their necks.

"How do you know they all do the same thing?" Parthenia asked suspiciously.

"It is a fairly safe deduction that they do," Pumayo said, smiling. "They all radiate exactly the same level and type of magic. But if you would like me to verify that by casting an identification spell upon yours I would be happy to if you are able to supply the requisite pearls ... ." The barbaric woman responded by picking up her amulet and looping it around her neck, and Paros did the same. Selene watched the proceedings with something like a combination of incomprehension and indifference, seemingly unaware that the gist of the exchange had been to deprive her of free passage out of the deadly place they were about to return to.

Then, the four companions began to discuss in earnest their return to the necropolis and the preparations they would need to make for it. 

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