Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 18 (Day 6)

Michael O. Varhola

Read "Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 17"

The party ate a full meal together and then all curled up in garments and other cloth items from the pillaged caskets. They did not designate a watch, something they knew was kind of sloppy, but felt fairly secure in this room and were all by this time thoroughly exhausted. When he arose many hours later, Paros boiled some water using a small stove that used long-burning pellets he had produced in his alchemy shop back in Kos City and made a pot of mildly-stimulating herbal tea for everyone.

"I'm going to go refill my waterskin," Paros said, shaking his nearly-empty container. "Anyone need me to fill theirs?"

"You mean from the water at the bottom of the stairs?" Parthenia asked. "Don't bother! Didn't you notice it was brackish?"

"Yeah, sure, now that you mention it," he replied. "Why would that be the case?"

"Likely because we are below sea level," Pumayo said. "It is probably water that has seeped through sea caves and subterranean caverns from the coast. There might be whole lakes laying unseen beneath the island of Kos. There certainly are in other lands I have visited."

Once they finished eating breakfast, the party packed up their gear, cleaned up the chamber as well as they could, and re-stowed in caskets any of the things they had removed that they were not taking. They had found a number of waterproof bags amongst the nautical gear, and each took one or more and used them to protect items they did not want getting wet again.

In the course of these preparations, Paros donned not his own leather armor but the special set of waterproof protective gear they had found. He and Pumayo had been discussing this panoply and experimented with it during their bivouac and discovered that water would not enter through the brass valve from without but that air blown from within would vent from it. They also found that by using some of the materials and adhesives in Paros's alchemical field kit that they could create a seal between the bottle of everflowing air and the tube affixed to the back of the armor's helmet, and were then able to mount it in a pouch attached to the hood so that it would not flop around or come loose. His own armor he collected into a bundle and stuffed