Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 13 (Day 3)

Michael O. Varhola

anything I want and, if their spirits are not agreeable to answering me, they can attempt to resist," Selene said. "If I prepare my spells accordingly tonight I will be able to question two of them, and put two questions to each. Whether we will get the answers we seek remains to be seen but I think it likely."

The next step toward retrieving their hard-earned loot accomplished, the party repaired to the vandalized embalming laboratory, wedged the breached door shut as well as they could with a work bench, and policed up the area as decently as reasonably possible. Then, while the women cleaned their weapons and made minor repairs and adjustments to their armor and other equipment, Paros and Pumayo placed the potions they had retrieved from the Dwarves on one of the workbenches and set about analyzing them. After determining with a fair degree of certitude that all five of the potions were healing draughts of varying potency, they divided them up amongst themselves and their companions.

By the time they had completed their various post-battle tasks, all four of the companions were starting to feel hungry, and so they spread out the Dwarven provisions and began fixing dinner.

"Ugh, I can't even tell what half this stuff is!" Parthenia lamented. She had already shoved aside a bundle of dried and salted meat she had been inspecting and had opened a metal canteen and was sniffing its contents. "This appears to be ale of some sort ... I think I will just drink my dinner tonight. Maybe the rest of this will look better once I'm a little bit drunk."

Paros examined the food Parthenia had temporarily rejected, tasted a piece of it, and then began to chew on some of it.

"Huh, tastes kind of like shellfish of some sort ... " Paros said contemplatively as he munched. He beckoned to the Elf for the flask of ale and, as he washed down the meat with it, reflected that they paired well together. They were, in any event, very dense comestibles, and after just a few mouthfuls each of those and the other items in the packets of food, the rogue was sated. He could see the women suspiciously and peevishly begin to nibble at the food and decided to withhold sharing his assessment that the preserved flesh was probably that of some large subterranean insect.