‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Kickstarter Update #22: ‘Hostel’ Writeup Unlocked!

Michael O. Varhola

On day twenty-four of our Kickstarter campaign for a "Platinum Edition" of Skirmisher Publishing’s City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities we were pleased to unlock another Stretch Goal and thereby expand the special companion book we are creating for backers! Backers of this project will now be receiving two complete publications — both a core book with descriptions of 85 general sorts of places and a sourcebook with a growing number of specific places — as a result of the most recent Stretch Goals we have unlocked.

* When we hit $21,000 we unlocked Paleo Mykenae, a specific example of a pilgrim Hostel located along the Pilgrimage Route that is the subject of the “In the Footsteps of Hercules” system-free RPG gazetteer we are creating as a bonus publication for backers of this campaign. Storytellers will be able to use this place either in conjunction with the overall sourcebook or by itself, and as part of the historical fantasy country we have set it in or within their own worlds.

Paleo Mykenae is located in the ancient ruined citadel of Mycenae, in the northeastern quarter of the Peloponnesian Peninsula, and is one of the main stopovers for pilgrims following the section of the pilgrimage trail devoted to Hercules’ battle with the Nemean Lion. This entry will include a detailed description of the hostel and the various amenities associated with it, information about the non-player characters that can be found there, a custom full-color illustration by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl, a custom map/floorplan, and two or three adventure hooks.

* When we reach $22,000 we will unlock the Temple of Hercules in Tiryns, located at the starting point for the Footsteps of Hercules Pilgrimage Route. Established in the acropolis overlooking the former royal capital that is now overshadowed by nearby Argos, this is now one of the largest and most elaborate worship centers devoted to the demigod and is noted for the 12-part fresco that adorns its inner walls.

Thanks to everyone who has come on board with this project and helped bring it to this point! We very much hope you are enjoying our updates about it and pleased with the exciting things we are doing with it.