Random Tavern Generator

Brendan Cass
The following is a random tavern generator based on the excellent content contained in The Jester Dragon's Guide: Random Tavern Generator. If you like the taverns generated here, consider picking up a copy of the publication that inspired it at DriveThruRPG.
Are you a developer? The JSON webservice is located at http://apps.skirmisher.com/tavern. It has no parameters and returns everything you need for your own random tavern in nice, neat JSON. Feel free to include it in your own app, just let me know about it in the comments below so I can check it out!

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Clientele: {{client}},
Shortages: {{shortage}},
Barkeep's Attitude: {{tavern.attitude}}
Mysterious Person Drinking Alone in the Corner: {{tavern.mystery}}
Facilities: {{tavern.cleanliness}} {{tavern.facility}}
Games: {{tavern.game}}
Live Entertainment: {{tavern.quality}} {{tavern.entertainment}}
Drink Too Much and You're Bound to Get: {{misfortune}},
House Drink: The {{tavern.drink}}
Atmosphere: {{tavern.atmosphere}}
Sleeping Accomodations: {{tavern.accomodations}} {{tavern.room}}
This Tavern doesn't Welcome: {{tavern.unwelcome}}

Note: It is entirely possible that the clientele and unwelcome patrons fields can yield the same result (e.g., a tavern that caters to Orcs that does not welcome Orcs). This is an entirely intentional feature that can lead to all sorts of fascinating and farcical adventures. Imagine a bartender that wants to attract humans, but is stuck putting up with unwanted Dwarves instead.