Requesting Feedback on a 5E Sorcerer Idea

Derek Holland

Computer issues have eaten my original post for this 2 times so here is the quick and dirty version.

Mechanic Sorcerer

These people and creatures are descendants of those races that crafted the gods' weapons and tools (such as Norse dwarves and trolls and Greek dolphins).

1- The character can detect magic items by touch.

1- The character can activate attuned magic items within 60'.

6- The character can apply metamagic to magic item effects.

14- The character can use an attuned items' charges to cast known spells of the same level. Possibly 3/day?

18- The character can transfer the magic from a broken item to a whole one. This does not affect relics and artifacts but does legendary items.


So what do you think? And as Discus isn't being friendly to me at the moment, all of my responses will be in the next post.