Odds and Ends 11

Derek Holland

Today, I have a couple links and a couple ideas for Halloween.

For fans of The Noble Wild, I started this thread at rpg.net: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?706286-All-101-campaign-seeds-for-sapient-animal-PCs It hasn't reached 101 campaign seeds yet, but there are still plenty of ideas. Some of them are very different from the suggestions in the book. For those of you considering buying the book or pdf, take a look at all you can do with intelligent animals as PCs.

I have started writing Labyrinth Lord material for Fat Goblin Games. In addition to more than 150 magic items for Open Gaming Monthly 5 (and more than 70 in 6 when it is released), I have a monster series. The first one is on nagas and their spells and magic items: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/120344/Bestiarum-Vocabulum-Nagas-%26-Magics There will be subsequent files on different monsters and habitats.

Realms of Crawling Chaos is a mythos based supplement released by Goblinoid Games. It has plenty of ideas that can be incorporated into Mutant Future and my favorite is artifact descriptions and powers. Of course I think it would be better to combine them to make more complex artifacts that can be found in the wastes. Heck, take one of the artifacts in MF (a weapon, armor or gizmo) and then roll d4 times on the artifact chart in RCC. The powers are the result of decay, radiation and software failures. One might also consider the artifact side effects I posted to the gaming material section of this site to make the technology even weirder and more dangerous (to the PCs and their foes).

One of the most important components of jack-o-lantern is the candle or other light source. Illusionists, I mean those in AD&D first edition and the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion, could get a lot of milage out of using pumpkins (or turnips if you want to go with the older type) as focal items for some of their spells. The carved shapes could provide penalties to saves for disbelieving static images and act as a core for the minor creation spell, one that replicates pumpkin based monsters. Using the creation spells and illusions can make objects and creatures that are partially real, so much so it would be very difficult to disbelieve them.