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Derek Holland

Sorry about not posting more often, but recently I have been ill, a cold that got into my ears and caused some odd symptoms to say the least. But now that I am feeling better I plan on posting more to this blog, both Mutant Future and some general OSR material.

Speaking of Mutant Future, one positive development for it is the sort of revival of its predecessor, Gamma World. In the last few weeks Wizard of the Coast has been releasing pdfs and PODs of Gamma World editions and supplements from the first 4 editions and very early Polyhedrons (pdf only) with many that have Gamma World related articles. Frustratingly they have yet to release the edition that I want the most, second, but that will be appearing sooner or later. Still, first, third and fourth editions back in print is nothing to sneeze at. Nor are three of the third edition adventures, both first edition adventures and the fourth edition supplements Gamma Knights and Treasures of the Ancients. That is a significant chunk of the early work and a good sign that Gamma World is selling very well. Hopefully that will draw some of the fans into the homages and semi-clones like Mutant Future.

So I will be back as soon as I come up with something that will take more than a line or two to post. What secrets of Mutant Future are there left to explore?