Expanded Android Mutations

Derek Holland

In addition to the three blog posts from the Skirmisher site, I have added more than 20 additional mutations from 4 sources (Advanced Arcana III [listed after AA II], The Modern Grimorie, Atomic Alienz and Atomic Cyber Tek [listed at the end]).

One thing I think is missing from Mutant Future is mutations specific for androids. So I don't step on Chris' toes while he is writing the mental mutation book that Skirmisher will be releasing in the near future, I decided to use the Wizard's Spell Conpendium series from AD&D 2e. I don't own the priest series (and it is too damn expensive to buy these days) so almost all of these mutations are based on arcane magic. Fortunately there is plenty of good ideas, some of which I wish I had used before. Of course with hundreds of spells in those 4 books, I couldn't list every spell that might make a good mutation- so I picked what I thought are the best. And I skipped most of the combat spells- there is enough combat mutations in MF between the corebook and the upcoming books.

Adhesion is a simple spell that makes a powerful glue. The spell mentions pounds of pressure and horsepower instead of strength. In MF, I would have the strength of the glue equal to the constitution score of the android and it lasts for 3d6 years. Those ripping off a body part to get free of the glue takes 3d6 points of damage.

Affect normal fires is the basic power for firefighting. Though the spell states that the fuel is unaffected, that isn't the case for the derived mutation. If the flames are doubled, the material will burn twice as fast. The spell sustain fire does affect fuel consumption (and the mutation would be chemical in nature). The fuel can last 25 times longer.

Agra's Ambush is a trap meant to keep psions and magical telepaths out. The mutation inflicts 2d8 points of damage to those using a mental attack against the android. There is no save.

Airy water is a telekinetic power that allows the android to make the depths surviviable for its allies. Of course the android can't drown (unless it is a replicant).

Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown as a mutation makes more sense to me than Identify. It represents a chemical analyzer, one that has to damage the sample. Artifacts are reduced by one condition catagory. But it works unless the sample is really strange alien or exotic material.

Alarm is represented by tiny immobile remotes that scan their vicinity and report back to the android. They are disposable and the android can make 25 per day. The range is 150'.

Alvira's Stasis Shell is a much better version of Embalm and Preserve. The object or creature, no larger than 50 pounds, stops aging for as long as the android wishes. Each android can have d4+1 active shells at one time (roll when mutation is selected). Add another and a random previously created shell fails.

Antipathy-Sympathy is the most powerful of the repell/lure spells and is represented by a mental attack. It can only be applied to creatures and objects, not locations. Those failing a save versus stun is repelled or attracted to the target. The effect lasts 24 hours and the mutation can be used once per hour.

Arnvid's Unseen Limb is an awesome spell to make into a mutation. It creates an invisible arm that can partially phase. In other words, a hand can be extended through a door and then become solid to unlock it from the other side. Very much Vision or Martian Man Hunter and one I would love to use for an android character.

Ballant's Stonestrength (harden object) increases the hit points of an object as long as the android is in contact with it (50% more hit points). This can include vehicles and other large objects.

Blur is a basic defensive ability that decreases AC by 4 points. It is a permanent effect so it might have some impact on social occasions.

Body link is another spell that really should be used as an android mutation. It allows the machine to safely remove and reattach its head and limbs.

Breach defenses is a very powerful mutation that allows the android to remove an immunity based mutation (like reflective epidermis). The target saves versus poison and if fails, loses the immunity for d4 turns.

Cause disease and other plague based spells can represent either biowarfare or a replicant that mutated and now spreads its own tissue or genetic material.

Charm plants allows the mutant to control all plantlife. For non-monsters, this means shaping and enhanced grafting (not growing faster, that is in Creatures of the Wasteland).

Claws of the Umber Hulk allow the mutant to dig through solid stone. It may be claws or some sort of mineral disrupting ray. It also damages flesh for d6 points per blast.

Compass does not point north necessarily, but rather to a predetermined object or location. The range is planet wide.

Comprehend languages and Tongues are basic abilities that can save the party's bacon. What is important to note is the variety of languages the android may encounter- more than the usual D&D campaign.

Consume knowledge (fastest download) allows an android to get all the information in a database within 1 round. It still has to be searched before it is useful and this takes 1 hour per million pages. Copy (fast download) is a slower version that takes d6+1 rounds.

Contact other plane can be used as a mental attack against buggy AIs. The android may very well go insane from dealing with its madness.

Create atmosphere allows the machine to keep breathing creatures alive in inert gas or vaccuum. It has 6 or more tubes to deliver the air.

Create water (condense water) takes water out of the air at a rate of one gallon per turn (10 minutes).

Dancing lights are tiny flying remotes that produce enough light to see by. They have the same general stats as those for alarm.

Detho's Delirium allows the android to get information out of a sleeping target. It is jumbled and may or may not be useful (10% chance per round, non cumulative).

Diary (photographic memory) allows the android to remember everything it senses.

Energy transformation gives the android the ability to turn one type of energy into another. The types are rolled or selected at the time the mutation is gained (see energy ray for a chart).


Exterminate is not just for daleks. It kills creatures with a maximum of one hit point at a rate of 10 per round. So it doesn't work on giant rats but it does affect some swarms.


Fabricate, Major Creation and Minor Creation are all useful for making stuff. Machines need spare parts, not raw metals and other materials. The creation spells were litter control, thus the limited lifespan of the resulting objects. Smelting (another spell) can make fabricate more useful to clever players.


Farseer allows the android 25X vision.


Feather fall can be used to save the android and one other weighting less than 250 pounds.


Flare has a visual range one 1 mile during the day and 12 at night. The color can be altered at will.


Float means the machine can not sink even if it wants to. Swim (another spell) allows an android to move through the water column as it wishes.


Glassee changes the molecular structure of an object, making it transparent. It lasts only a turn and the maximum size is 10' X 10' X 5'.


Infratorch provides light to those with thermal vision. There is also a version for those with ultravision. Treat as a normal flashlight.


Item (shrink) is different from density alteration in that the target's mass does change. There is no cloth option for the mutation.


Jump, levitate and spider climb (the last allowing a better grip than increased balance) allow the machine access to places they might not otherwise be able to reach.


Life force transfer allows the android to upload another's mind into a functional computer. This is lethal as it requires brain stripping.


Metamorphose liquids can not be used to make something harmful (acid, radioactive, explosive) and if the raw material is harmful, the android is exposed to the possible damage.


Mimicry should be a standard feature in most basic androids. Ventriloquism shouldn't and has a range of 100' for machines.


Neutralize Gas affects a 25' diameter area as the android releases a compound that destroys the dangerous gas.


Oil skin gives the machine the ability to create a waterproof container that can hold no more than 1 cubic foot and 5 pounds.


Repulsion is a force field that knocks away opponents without directly harming them. The range is 30', the distance thrown is 5d6 feet and the damage is 1 point per 5' thrown.


Slow metabolism and speed metabolism affects diseases, poisons and healing. Slow effectly stops them and speed increases the saves to 1 per turn and healing to 1 point per hour.


Smoke shape, a telekinetic effect, is obvious close up but can trick people from a distance. It can be fog, smog or smoke.


Sound bubble keeps sound in. It is 25' in diameter and allows outside sounds in as well.


Zombie double allows the android to make poor imitations of itself. They look real but have 10 hit points and half the original's other stats except movement. Only 2 can be controlled at the same time. Each takes 10 hours to create with the proper materials.


Heroes' Feast is the only way an android can heal others. After 10 minutes of eating, the recipients heal 5d6 points. Only enough food for 10 can be created per day. And one person can have on meal per day, any more has no effect.


And here are some from other sources.


Necromancers from the Northwest's Advanced Arcana II


Changling Transformation allows the android to mimic specific individuals. Like metamorph, it does not copy most mutations.


Bloodscry is like compass (see previous android mutations) except it keys in on an individual whose blood was sampled by the android.


Balthavius's Propaganda (memetic manipulation) is a non-combat mutation that takes time- days to months. It allows the android to study people and manipulate their emotions and thoughts. Because of the timescale involved, the save, one per day or week, has hefty penalties.


Adaptive glamer is a mental attack that makes the android appear to be whatever the viewer expects. Each target can see something different.


Segmented spells is a catagory of magic where the caster uses multiple slots and casting times to power up their spells. It is not a feat, but could be, and there are several examples in both Advanced Arcana files. For MF, I would change this into a mutation modifier that allows the android to power up a mutation by not using it. The upcoming Wisdom from the Wastelands on modifiers has rules for this.


NNW's Advanced Arcana III


Spell Slight projects a hologram over an activated mutation, making it appear to be some other mutation or power.


Stow Away makes a small object incorporeal and stores it until the android makes it solid once again.


Xelar's Sundering overcharges a power cell from a distance. The damage reduces the condition of an artifact by d6 (less than 0 means explosion).

NNW's Wonders of Alchemy


This file has a few good ideas, but the one I think works best for MF is the serum. It is a drug that increases in effect as more doses are used. The downside, beyond the cost, is at high levels, serums have nasty side effects. One that makes the flesh tougher may actually petrify the user (not stone, but a solid block of flesh). For an android mutation, the result is a drug that heals more or provides a better save but causes a temporary drawback (physical or mental) and may kill at very high doses.


Bastion Press' Spells & Magic


Spellguard (hardened circuits) prevents the android from being harmed by EMP effects.


Malignant web adds a poison to webbing (Creatures of the Wasteland), one that paralyzes for at least 2d4 hours.


Distant Horizon's Paths of Power II


Catalyst Event is for androids that have memory loss. It allows them to access parts of their processors that they can not otherwise. It is sort of like contact other plane, but instead of multiple questions, it provides multiple answers to one. The question has to be "How do I" in theme and the answers are always correct but may take a long time to act upon. Many answers don't make immediate sense but they all work.


Distillation allows the android to draw some substance from a material. It is destructive and renders the sample, ore, whatever to dust or liquid.


Eart inedible object adds a storage compartment, one accessed through the mouth.


Externalize ability allows the android to take out the part of itself that gives it one of its mutations. The artifact can be used by others.


Physical extenstion is for androids with metamorph. When they shapeshift, they can still use an artifact or mutation they normally wouldn't when in the resulting form.


Remote action creates a duplicate of the android from the same matter as the creation spells (i.e. it doesn't last for long). What makes this mutation really useful is it has a 100' range. It can be used once per hour and the duplicate lasts for d6 rounds.


DH's Legends of High Fantasy


Skyfire allows the android to electrically charge a metal object. It glows brightly and adds 2d4 points of damage when used as a weapon.


Grounding drains some form of energy into the ground (which the android must be touching). Use the energy ray chart for the type of energy affected.


Earthward destroys soil and water pollution via chemicals.


Heart of the earth (remote control) allows an AI to use the android's body as long as the android wishes. In some cases, it may have to save versus stun to regain control of itself.


Spirit of the wendigo drains heat and chemical energy from a target. This reduces biological matter to dust. It may be used to overpower another mutation or extend the lifespan of the android's battery.


Seething vapors turns a liquid into a cloud of gas. It can be water, poison, acid or various exotic matter fluids. The android is not automatically immune to the effects.


Prosthesis allows the android to download itself into one of its parts (a high level effect of the spell allows the dead to keep using their prosthetic limbs). The android may be able to inhabit the body of another android if its part is added...


DH's Eclipse the Codex Persona


Tale-spinner allows the android to create VR to train others. This is slow but sure and can provide 25-400 xp per week (5d4 X 5d4). The android can not gain xp this way.


Youth allows the android to chemically reduce the age of a biological, thus extending its lifespan. This can be a month to a century and the android is hunted by those who want to live forever.


Genesis wave is a death ray that converts those who die into something else. The resulting creature(s) or substances is selected when this mutation is gained.


Stars like dust gives the android plasma attacks and may be able to turn the dead (or non-living matter) into some valuable substance.


Lair of dreams allows others to easily reprogram the android. The spell turns the caster's mind into a location and allows the caster and others to go in and make changes (as well as kill monsters that represent mental flaws, curses and such). The mutation does the same, but it isn't a physical location, but rather something like a computer game. It may or may not be VR.


Spellbinder's Dreadmire


Bestow progressive curse is a poison attack that does more than simple damage. It warps the victim (loss of ability scores, causes drawbacks and such) over time.


Dumbstruck is an attack that takes away the ability to speak or make other sounds.


Fungal corpse animator gives the android the ability to create walking dead via microbots. It takes time for the machines to get the corpses up and running- hours at the least. There is no automatic control but the walking dead aren't hostile to anything either. At least intially.


Pheromone message gives the android the ability to communicate via odors. This is slower than speach, but is usually undetectable to humans and can be left on an object or creature and lasts for 3d6 hours.


Splash down allows the android to enter or exit water without making ripples or sound.


Twinspeak is used on two creatures, giving them a unique language for 3d6 hours.


Sine Nomine's Crimson Pandect


Invert plague is a specialized version of induce mutation. The disease is converted into a healing symbiont before dying off. It heals 4d6 points of damage over an hour.


And that makes me wonder, what happens to a bacteria or other symbiont that is affected by induce mutation (gigantism)? Or, rather, what happens to the host?


TSR's The Will and the Way


Subjective Reality allows the android to ignore something completely. It could be a creature, type of energy or type of material. This is a phasing effect and some mutations and artifacts may still function. It reminds me of a comedy movie that came out in the 90's about Erik the Red. The Christian priest simply could not see or interact with the Viking gods and their surroundings (such as a door).




Synesthete allows the android to see or taste with its skin or visualize sound waves. This is one that I would consider as a bonus mutation for some kinds of androids (spys and scouts mostly).


Catapsi (liked it better when it was called psionic static) produces a field that slows the use of mutations and artifacts that rely on a certain energy type (including kinetic). Or it causes damage to those who use such an artifact or mutation.


Dreamscarred's Untapped Potential

Boost allows the android to launch arrows without a bow and stones without a sling.

Bliss is a mental attack that leaves the target stunned for d4 hours, unable to escape a daydream of pleasure.

Ectoskeleton allows the android to summon EMA made of the same material as the creation spells. It isn't nearly as good as the real deal, but it does provide protection and movement bonuses.

Induce cascade forces the target to use a random mutation or artifact. Each hit requires a save versus stun. Failure results in a roll on the confusion chart as well as randomly rolling the target's mutations and weapons (reroll for static or non-combat mutations).

DS' Mind Divine

Gravitational Well produces a 10' diameter sphere that produces 10 Gs for d4+4 rounds. The range is 100' and all ranged attacks (physical, not energy) within 50' of the well are sucked into it.


The Fantastic Science

Clairaudient fly fingers allows the android to hear through objects by touching them.

Rangefinder adds +2 to the android and allies' attacks as long as the beam is visible.

Aviatronic wing is much faster than complete wing development but doesn't allow the android to slow or hover. It is either zipping along or falling. It provides a movement rate of 300' (100').

Terrain attunement affects the android's software, specializing it to a specific kind of location. In such a location, it is much more effective (+2 to hit, -1 AC +10% tech and whatever other bonuses the ML deems fit). Outside the location type, reverse all the bonuses into penalties.

Resonance absorption (staff) allows the android to store sound. Effectively it has photographic memory related to what it hears and may be able to replicate sonic attacks.

Space-warp modulator increases distances to the android and decreases them from the android. Ranged attacks suffer a -6 to hit the android and it gains a +2.

Hypermetabolic transducer speeds healing to 1 day's worth per hour. If the target doesn't eat and drink enough, it may starve or dehydrate to death (and will suffer physical ability score losses even if it does survive).

Jonnetype Synaesthenic Projector gives the android the ability to create solid illusions of objects. Powered artifacts don't work, but it can create armor, weapons, tools, bridges, buildings, etc. The size and number is up to the ML.

Ceasura weapon temporarily removes a location from existence. It does not cause structures to fall (strangely enough) and is usually used to contain creatures or bypass barriers. It works only once per day or week.

Steamplunker sends objects up to a mile away and they always land softly. This can be used with explosives, jars of poison gas, etc. but was meant for communication and construction needs.

Otherverse The Modern Grimorie

Universal Coupon allows the android to access commerical 3D printers and other production machines and get free stuff. Of course the machine needs raw materials and power.

Custom Mod alters an artifact so that only the andoid can use it.

False Forensics can be used to create red herrings, mostly relating to odors. Tracking such an android is almost impossible.

Machine Invisibility makes the android invisible to all robot sensors except a nerve web (pp. 128-129 in the MF core book).

PIG's Atomik Alienz

Altered Time Scale makes the android act faster or (as a drawback) slower than other creatures. This has an impact on initative.

Total Coordination gives the android complete control over its limbs, effectively giving it DEX of 22 (above that capable of biologicals).

Metabolic Control is found only in replicants and synthetics and allows the android to turn off and on it various pseudo biological components.

Distributed Neurological System spreads the control nodes through out the android's body. Intelligence damage is impossible and decapatation doesn't destroy the android.

Subsonic/Ultrasonic Communication allows the android to speak in frequencies outside that of the hearing range of humans.

Hive Mentality is the result of indentical programming. The android can anticipate the actions of another android of the same time without error as long as both of them are not buggy.

Body Communication can include sign language but is usually much more complex in machines.

Hybrid Skeleton is a mixture of rigid and flexible parts. The android takes less damage from impact weapons and falls.

Fibril Skeleton replaces bone or exoskeleton with a mass of fibers (just like a plant). Attacks relying on a skeleton fail automatically and the android has an easier time repairing itself.

PIG's Atomik Cyber Tek

SpaceSkin makes the android immune to vaccum and some gasses.

VideoSkin allows the android to show recorded media on its skin.

Full Rotation allows the android to turn its neck and limbs 360 degrees. This is not found in synthetics.

Tool Set is hidden in the hands and adds an additional 40% to tech rolls.

Micro-Cameras are also found in the hands and fingers and allows the android to see around corners.

Anti-Gravity Implant makes the android weightless. It is fine control so that falls are harmless and long leaps are possible.

Myo-Whip Finger is a nasty weapon that emerges from the finger tip. It can be rigid or flexible as needed.

Auto-Chrome prevents blindness from bright light.