An examination of the spell Meld Flesh

Derek Holland

I was skimming The Complete Vivimancer looking for a method to affect two or more targets with a single casting of Polymorph Other to make creatures with multiple heads and minds. Fortunately Gavin did provide in the form of Meld Flesh, a first level spell that forces two creatures within 5’ of each other to save or be stuck to each other, their outer layers of flesh fused together for an hour per caster level (more creatures can be affected at higher caster levels). What the spell doesn’t mention is how the result is affected by spells. I interpret it as they are considered one for the purposes of spells that only affect individuals with the exception of mind influencing magics. In other words, if a humans and an elf are melded, they take half damage each from a Magic Missile or Acid Arrow. They also can be affected by Polymorph Other, but both are allowed to make the saving throw and if one succeeds, the spell fails. Or, if the DM wants, some horrific result if only one saves. Ug.

What Meld Flesh and Polymorph Other can not do is create chimeras that will breed naturally. That is a job for Xenogamy, a seventh level spell that permanently fuses two creatures together and creates something new.

As Meld Flesh connects the bodies of the victims, it also allows the passage of diseases, poisons, parasites and other blood borne things. It may even allow curses to spread depending on how they are worded. On the other hand, the ability to heal quickly, be it regeneration, fasting healing or something similar, may also be passed along with melding. But then, would a human want a troll’s ability to regenerate? The results may be not to their liking…

Meld Flesh is a handy spell with a lot more potential than the text states. It may be one of the most powerful healing spells in an arcane caste's spell list. And it could make for a decent Mutant Future or Gamma World mutation.