Androids that Craft Artifacts in Mutant Future

Derek Holland
I want to give players the opportunity to have androids that can create artifacts. They would be some of the very few surviving forging androids or robots, the ones that keep producing advanced technology. Here are some ideas:
The machines must give up two of their three free mutations at character creation. It would be a good idea to take Quick Mind or a similar mutation that increases technology roll attempts with the remaining mutation.
The character can not turn raw materials into artifacts, so they have to find, buy or steal all their parts. There is the possibility of a place or two where new parts are being made, but obviously they would be extraordinarily expensive.
Unless new, the parts may be faulty. If they are, the technology roll will suffer a significant penalty (at least -50) and the device will be difficult or hazarous to use even if the check was successful. Sagitous engineers can be paid to tell which parts are faulty. This is expensive but they are almost never wrong (1 in 1000). How much depends on how many parts and what sorts of technology they utilize, usually between 500 gp and a deactivated, intact warbot.
Unless the artifact is simple, a technology roll is required and there is a possibility for disaster. This is why explosives and high energy items are rare- forge bots avoid making them unless the need is great. They have no more desire to be blown up than you. Faulty parts can also be repaired, but this requires access to Ancient artifacts usually found in ruined labs, factories or vaults.
The Mutant Lord has control over what can and can not be made by what parts are available in their setting. This is the major reason I have no qualms about allowing such characters. They want to make a blaster rifle, well there may or may not be enough parts to be found for it. Same goes for a flying fortress the size of a skyscraper.