20 Additional Powers for the Mystic of Nog

Derek Holland

The Mystic of Nog is a 2nd edition AD&D kit from The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook, a supplement for Al-Qadim. It is one of my favorite kits because it can be used to create new subclasses of magic-users for first edition. The Mystic uses some of their magic to enhance their bodies. Mechanically this means they lost spell slots and gain ability score increases or special powers. The kit has a few issues that a DM would have to clear up before play starts, the most important is does the class gain slots above 5th level? The class only allows casting of spells up to 5th level, but those 6th level and above could be used to gain additional powers. I am using that interpretation here. Some of the powers I list are extremely powerful but there are some built in limitations for the class. They have to spend slots every level so that they can have no more than 1/2 their normal amount. The other half can be banked and used- a Mystic doesn't have to cast spells at all. This limitation of burning slots every level keeps the most powerful abilities out of the hands of lower level Mystics.

Magic Resistance- 5 levels earns the Mystic a 10% MR. Every additional 5 levels increases this to a maximum of 50%. If used in first edition, the maximum is 80% (MR depends on the caster's level in 1e, whereas it is static in 2e).

Gills- 2 levels allow the Mystic to breath water at will. An additional 3 levels allow the Mystic to drink salt water without negative consequences.

Alter Self- 3 levels allow the Mystic to cast Alter Self once per day at their casting level. An additional 2 levels increases this by once per day, to a maximum of 5 uses per day.

Saving Throw Bonuses- 2 levels provides a +1 to a saving throw in one specific catagory. The limitations for this are up to the DM as it can be a huge sink for slots. Also, this represents powers such as energy resistance, poison resistance and similar effects.

Spark/Frost- 3 levels allow the Mystic to inflict energy damage with their natural weapons (fists and feet usually). Each 3 levels allows one additional point (so 1 point for 3, 2 points for 6, etc.) The type of energy inflicted can anything the DM allows. At +3 points of damage, the DM also might allow for minor additional powers such a using fire to ignite tinder or keep air warm or electricity to recharge a primitive battery.

Sustain- 4 levels decreases the Mystic's food and water requirement to 10% normal. For an additional 4 levels, this decreases to 1%.

Gas Form- 10 levels allow the Mystic to transform their body into a gas for three rounds per day. Every 5 additional levels increases the duration by one round. Each round can be used seperately.

Infravision- 2 levels gives the Mystic infravision to 30'. An additional 3 levels increases this to 90', the maximum.

Ultravision- 3 levels gives the Mystic ultravision to 90'. An additional 5 levels increases this to 300', the maximum.

Sense magic- 3 levels allow the Mystic to Detect Magic (as per that spell) at will.

Alter Color- 5 levels allow the Mystic to alter the color of their flesh and hair at will. This allows them to suprise on 1-10 on a d12.

Glowing Eyes- 12 levels allow the Mystic to cause their eyes to glow with an eeire light at will. This is a combination of the Cause Fear spell and a bullseye lantern.

Harvest Disease- 6 levels allow the Mystic to transfer a mundane disease between two creatures (the original host is cured). An additional 10 levels allow the movement of magical diseases and possibly some curses (DM's call).

Immunity to Mundane Weapons- 15 levels allow the Mystic to ignore non-magical weapons and monsters under 4+1 hit dice. An additional 10 levels increases this to ignoring +1 weapons and safety from monsters under 6+2 hit dice.

Jackel's Scent- 5 levels gives the Mystic a better sense of smell than the finest hound or wolf. They are suprised only on a 1 and can smell water, plants and other things that have an odor at a distance determined by the DM.

Deep Lungs- 2 levels double the time to suffocate. An additional 2 levels increases this to 5 times normal and an additional 2 levels beyond that increases the time to 20 times normal. Any increases beyond that are up to the DM.

Control Emotions- 5 levels allow the Mystic to ignore fear and similar based spells and effects.

Lightning Eater- 12 levels gives the Mystic immunity to electrical attacks. If the attack does more dice of damage than the Mystic's level, then the wizard gains a move bonus of 6 (so 18 for humans) for a number of rounds equal to the dice of damage the spell would have otherwise inflicted.

Speak with Animals- 4 levels gives the Mystic the ability to speak with animals at will.

Eidetic Memory- 2 levels gives the Mystic perfect memory. This only applies to mundane information. For an additional 10 levels, the amount of time needed to memorize spells is decreased by 25%.

So there are 20 abilities. If the DM wants to create new subclasses for 1e, select those powers (or create some) that follow the theme of the new class and reduce the spell slots available on the MU chart.