Owlcon 2014 Report

Michael O. Varhola

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Skirmisher Publishing staff members John Kadolph, Brooke Kadolph, and Michael O. Varhola spent the weekend of February 21-23 kickin' it "Owl' Skool" on the campus of Rice University at  OwlCon 2014! They spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there gaming, showing off and giving away downloads of products that included the d-Infinity multi-platform game magazine, recruiting people to demo games at upcoming conventions like Comicpalooza, and making a final push to get out the word about Dallas Comic & Pop Expo

"This is definitely one of our favorite regional gaming cons and we were glad to be able to make it back this year," said Varhola, president of Skirmisher and editor-in-chief of d-Infinity, which had been unable to have a presence at the convention in 2013. "I would like to personally thank Angelo Benedetto, Tim Gilheart, Katherine Humphreys, Andy Solberg, and all the OwlCon staff and volunteers for all their efforts to put on such a great event." 

Among the games played at OwlCon is the Cthulhu Live horror Live-Action Role-Playing game (LARP), which Skirmisher publishes. The company all uses the university game convention as an opportunity to kick off the convention season and preview things it will be doing or releasing at other events later in the year, particularly Comicpalooza, which it helps sponsor and has a significant presence at. 

"Anyone who has the opportunity to go to OwlCon, especially people who live in Houston anyway, definitely should," Varhola said. "We are already looking forward to the next one!" 

Left, Skirmisher Publishing game developers Michael O. Varhola and John Kadolph. Right, the Skirmisher Publishing/d-Infinity team also helped get out the word about some of its friends and strategic partners, including Comicpalooza, Dallas Comic & Pop Expo , DarkThreads, the Miniature Building Authority , and Western Spirits Beverage Company

Left, tabletop and miniatures gaming are among those well represented at OwlCon. Right, John Kadolph chats with a customer and potential game demo'er about what Skirmisher and d-Infinity have got in the works.