Runequest Thursday #25 - More Feats of Arms!

Clint Staples

I have been slowly adding to the number of Feats of Arms available for my Runequest campaign. You can find the others on the index page, along with everything else I have written for Runequest. Last week I gave the prospective Sword-Master a few feats to help him along. This time I have a grab-bag of feats, useful to any adventurer certainly, but more useful to some than to others.


Art is by the talented David Hobbs.


Rapid Reload – INT 13, DEX 13, Ranged attack at 50%

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must train with a tutor who has the feat for 1d4+2 weeks, paying what they demand.

By dint of long practice and cool under pressure, you have learned to reload your weapon faster, even in the most pressing circumstance. Choose a weapon to link to this feat. You reduce the reload time of the chosen weapon by 1. Thus a Bow could be shot every action, or a Heavy Crossbow would take only two actions to reload.


 Ease Armor – STR 13, CON 11

Cost: 4 hero Points, and you must train for 1d4+2 weeks in armor for several hours per day, walking, hiking, fighting, etc.

You have learned to move more easily in armor. The total ENC from the armor you are wearing is reduced by 25% [round down], which affects the degree to which your movement and Strike Rank are reduced.


Dueller – INT 13, DEX 13, Weapon Attack and a Weapon or Shield block at 60%, One other weapon feat.

Cost: 7 Hero Points, and you must train for 1d4 weeks with, or defeat in single combat, someone with this feat.

You are exceptionally good when able to focus on a single foe. In such circumstances, you may pay a Hero Point for another Combat Action, no more often that once per round.

            You are also well versed in the rules for dueling and judicial, or adjudicated combat generally, and may even act as a judge or authority on such matters.


Shield Wall – STR 13, Large Shield Block at 50%

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must train with a unit of shield wielders, one of which must have the feat, for 1d3 weeks, paying whatever compensation they demand.

When you are within one yard of at least one other with this feat, whether they are fighting with a shield or not, you may designate a single opponent you both can ‘reach’. That opponent has their Combat Actions reduced by 1 for as long as you face them and meet the requirements outlined above.

            In addition, when not mounted and not in melee, and being targeting my missile attacks, your shield provides protection to an additional location. Thus a large shield may protect 4 locations rather than the usual three.


And now one for the spell-casters in the crowd:


Battle Mage – POW 15, Magical Skill at 50%

Cost: 5 Hero Points, and you must train with a tutor who has the feat for 1d4+2 weeks, paying what they demand.

You have learned the value of concentration in the presence of flashing swords and arrows. You may spend a Hero Point in combat for a +20 to your next Magic Skill roll, whether for spell casting or some other purpose. Or you may spend a Hero Point in reaction to being struck while casting a spell or concentrating on one, to roll on your Magic Skill. If you succeed, you maintain your concentration and do not lose the action, or spell which was in process at the time.


Stay Tuned for Next Runequest Thursday for a return to creature write-ups - A Biggie, recently encountered, and survived by one of the Player Characters.