New BASH-SF Datafile - Skinwalker - Evil Alien Monster for Knights-Marshall of the Commonwealth!

Clint Staples

Attached is the Datafile for the Skinwalker.

The Skinwalker is an iconic space-horror creature - extremely powerful yet capable of appearing as a missing crew-member, your best friend, even a small child, only to burst from its fleshy disguise to wreak havoc.

Well, The Knight-Marshall Reetha Shartar and Sergeant-at-Arms Thane Krios walked into a hornets' nest [err, that should be Skinwalkers' nest] last session. Investigating a pair of prison planets on the fringe of Common space, they were met by a couple of guards on the orbital monitoring station that were acting strangely. One accompanied them to get a closer look at the planet that had gone dark. The Marshalls' suspicions were aroused, which kept them from being overwhelmed when steely tentacles burst from a flesh suit and the monster attacked.

There followed a desperate battle in which Thane Krios dueled the revealed skinwalker in the hold of the Courser while Reetha piloted the ship through a hail of heavy blaster fire from the space station. A series of impressive maneuvers destroyed one of the gun emplacements and ended with something short of a crash landing on the moon-base, in time for the Marshalls to team up against the alien, putting it down in time.

Investigation of the base revealed another of the creatures, which fled in the remaining base shuttle, heading for the unexplored prison moon.

The Marshalls are currently in pursuit, fearful of what a planet full of criminals will be like infested by Skinwalkers.