Butterfingers - the Runequest Edition!

Clint Staples
Will Thrasher has done it again. Worked out a cool minor spell for Pathfinder. So, as s becoming something of a tradition around here, I'm going to give you the Runequest version. I think I need to work out a few Runequest spells of my own. See if Will is up for converting them to D&D.   BUTTERFINGERS [Sorcery] Magnitude 1 [cannot be increased for multiple targets]   Runic Associations [Man]          Cost to Learn - 500 Lunars   Casting Time 1 Action   Range close (1 Metre per POW of caster)   Duration Up to POW in Rounds, may be dispelled by the caster as a free action.   The caster must overcome the POW of the target creature. If successful, the target drops whatever it was holding in one hand. For the duration of the spell, the target must roll to overcome the caster's POW in order to successfully draw, pick or hold anything in that hand. If the target succeeds in overcoming the caster's POW, the spell is broken. In addition to the above, the target of this spell suffers a -20% penalty on Climb skill checks.