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The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Submitted by Derek Holland on Aug 24
The idea of electronic locks in post apocalyptic RPGs goes all the way back to the beginning. Metamorphosis Alpha had colored wristbands (and a plant mutation that replicated them). Gamma World had identity cards that had several themes (engineer, military commander, citizen, etc.). Mutant Future uses the latter, with the potential of an optical scanner as well.
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on Aug 23
Another week has come and gone. It has been kind of nice taking a break from the rigors of trying to finish off so many different projects. I’ll be getting back to that this week though, as I’ve had enough time to clear out my head and make space to continue working.
Submitted by Eric Lis on Aug 21
Bioterrorism is one of the few areas of human ingenuity which is unquestionably more advanced in medieval fantasy.


Fiction Friday is apparently a thing - so here is part 2 of Robot Wasteland.

This is an example character I wrote up for the Fine Art Challenge D-Infinity Episode, for my entry "How Shall I Strive", an RPG of spiritual, magical and social enlightenment based on the works of luminary artists, poet, philosopher and visionary, Nicholas Ro

Here is my contribution to the d-Infinity Live! Fine Art Challenge. The challenge prompt was to create some sort of setting and three elements of game content based on the works of a named artist. I chose to draw inspiration from the work of Surrealist Rene Magritte. Below is a brief description of a one-shot adventure suitable for any number of fantasy or sci-fi settings. The "monsters" are statted for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. 

Cure at the Castle of the Pyrenees

Below is my entry in the Art Challenge RPG. This is the main post about the setting and system. The challenge calls for three statted up, environments, challenges or creatures, for the game. I will post these later on. I welcome your input and comments, and direct you now to the Nicholas Roerich website, sop you can see his works, and appreciate his vision!


Malbonia is a fan campaign setting for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game system inspired by the surrealist works of Salvadore Dali, particularly those that portray other planes of existence (foremost among them, perhaps, his series of 101 watercolor illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy). Adventures in this setting take place throughout the misty wastes of the Astral Plane and on the outer planes it intersects with, including the Nine Hells, Limbo, and the Seven Heavens. It was created in response to the "d-Infinity Live!" Fine Art Challenge

Here is the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the Brightwaters' adventures in  the Clanking Ruin. You can find parts one, two and three, if you want to catch up, or refresh your memory.

            "Guard your pans!" The drill sergeant shouted, apparently spotting a soldier who had neglected to do so before blowing on his match.


            Using my left hand, I pushed the furket that supported the heavy weapon into the soft earth of the wheat field. I positioned the musket in its fork, directing it between the men in front of me, all the while shielding the fine black powder in the pan with my right hand -- and waited for the next command.

            "Give fire!"

No one has been able to figure out exactly what these bizarre aberrations originally came from. There are those who believe these hideous monsters are in fact alien life which found itself trapped on Earth during the outbreak of the final wars. Everyone who has encountered the creatures can agree they are the strangest beings they have ever encountered.

The average specimen stands about five feet in height and they can weigh around 150 pounds. The creatures have a small muscular trunk with four horse or deer-like legs. There are no visible eyes on the head, just a large, red mouth filled with teeth. A series of a dozen or more tentacle-like fleshy growths cover the rear of the head and are constantly moving, as if blown by a strong breeze. Finally they have a series of tentacle-like protuberances which shoot out from the mouth. Each of these has an additional mouth, ending in slashing jaws.