Here is my entry into the Oddities articles.

I will admit I had fun with this and I will be doing more in the future.

What's it gots in it's pocketses?

From rogues to the righteous, adventurers spend a lot of time with their hands in other people's pockets, and that makes pockets a perfect place to hide all new oddities!

Sweet boat.

An adventurer in a dungeon is a lot like a kid in a candy store in that they'll take everything they want and anything in their way will be lucky to get out alive. But let's switch it up and put the adventurer's in a candy store with a new table of oddities perfect for sweet shops, chocolate factories, and test kitchens.

I plan to dance to the pipes of Pan.

Join us now for a new ever growing, ever evolving list of random encounters, items, and happenings for an enchanted forest. Whether your heroes are venturing into the deepest woods, a druid's sacred grove, or the wylds of the Fairy Realm, you can use the table below to roll up unique oddities to enhance your game and keep your players on their toes.