Not the dungeon you delve into - the one you are thrown in. Herein we will investigate the strange things prisoners leave, find, or make; or the things used to make their lives harder, easier, or at least more interesting - as in "may you live in interesting times." Read on for our list of the Oddities - the strange and stupifying, the heroic and horrible, the ingenious and the inglorious. Here are twenty-five to get us started, but feel free to contribute your own.

One more for my baby and one more for the hyperspace bypass.

On our latest d-Infinity Live Challenge Episode you're favorite hosts and contributors are tasked with creating an original RPG that blends science fiction and wild west elements, and nothing hybridizes those concepts more than a rough and tumble watering hole packed to the gills with aliens, mutants, and a token human or two.

Wanna hang out at the mall?

When the apocalypse goes down, the first place the scavengers hit is the mall! Yes, for food, fun, and fashion in a future hellscape, the mall has it all!

Skirmisher Publishing is proud to announce the release of its "Dwarf Soldiery" set of downloadable miniatures by noted fantasy artist Amanda Kahl! This set of Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures contains three variations on five different figures, a Champion, Infantryman, Crossbowman, Goat Rider, and War Goat. It is available for $1.99 through online venues that include DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. These figures are the ideal addition to any sort of tabletop fantasy RPG or wargame, can be used to enhance encounters or even serve as the basis for them, and the different variations can also be used to easily reflect different levels and capabilities. We hope you and your players will enjoy battling with them! 

A New Year is always an exciting time for me and gives me an opportunity to assess the things I have done over the previous 12 months and to set goals for the coming 12. I am always, admittedly, a bit overambitious in my projections, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, and if I manage to do half of what I hope to then that is usually still more than good enough. 

In honor of the Holiday that nobody can decide when it really is, I thought it would be fun to record the things you should probably not do after Thanksgiving. here are a bunch, but feel free to contribute:


1. Don't wear wights after Thanksgiving.

2. Don't lick a street sign.

3. Don't wear a belt made of human flesh.

4. Do not turn your back on a Turkey - ever.

5. No matter how much ham you have left over, don't go into the woods wearing a ham-suit.