Wake me up next year.

Time keeps rolling on into the future, and with any luck the future will be where we are all thawed out and revived to live out the rest of our lives.

I love that potion.

With that in mind we bring you an all new ever growing ever evolving table of unique potions. Some rare, some volatile, all odd and just the thing to add flavor to an alchemist NPC, item shop, or loot list!

SO a while back I posted (via Twitter) a link I found to a ridiculous Combat Fumble Table (obviously intended to be taken with tongue firmly planted in . . .  cheek)!

Someone has a thing for bones.

Since February 2014, beginning with Clint Staples' classic Oddities for a Creepy Old House, d-Infinity has been presenting an ever growing, ever evolving array of tables to assist GMs in rolling up random items, encounters, and anomalies for the kind of environments adventurers so often find themselves in. In recent months.

We'll have a barrel of fun.

Have video games taught your players to smash every damned barrel to see what's inside? Are you tired of the same old random treasure tables that assume every container on the multiverse just happens to be filled with a mix of potions, scrolls, weapons, and assorted poisons? Then this table is for you!

Ever need to stock a treasure hoard? If you are a GM, the answer to that question is going to be a yes! Sometimes it can be difficult to get beyond random coinage and some gems. AND players often really look forward to innovative and exciting loot to go along with a successful troll/ogre/dragon-slaying, or infiltration of the wizard's tower. So what is an overtaxed GM to do?

We at Skirmisher Publishing are here to help!