Have you ever wanted some little oddity on which to hang a character thread, or an entire story arc? In the latest iteration of the world's most popular RPG, you can roll on a Trinket table to get just that. There are 100 trinkets, accessible via a d100 roll for your character. That sounds a LOT like an oddities table already. So here are the first thirty to start the list of 100 MORE Trinkets:


Get deep.

When it comes down to it, adventurer's spend the majority of their professional time not in dungeons, but in caves. Wending their way through the bowels of the earth, delving into the secrets of the underdark, the overcore, and all the myriad subterranean realms, a party of heroes can expect to find any number of horrors and wonders. But what about all the things they don't expect? That's where this table comes in!

Oddities are real!

Let me back up.

A couple of weeks back we released 100 Oddities for a Viking Encounter. Already it has become a Silver Bestseller. So I thought I would give you a taste of what is inside, and how it might be used.


Here are two rolls from our most recent release, put together into a single scene and statted as an encounter for Runequest. I roll 1d100 on the main list: Items, and got 75. Then I rolled 1d30 (yup, 1d30) and got 26 on one of the supplementary tables: People/ Monsters.


Given that a lot of the Skirmisher Crew is working on the Ragnarok RPG at the moment, it is no surprise we have Vikings on the brain! So the release of 100 Oddities for a Viking Encounter, should come as no surprise! I just downloaded it and took another look through this book, which I had a hand in creating. I was again struck by all the COOL stuff in there (much of it not even created by ME!).

Following is a list of things that might be found in any sort of a Viking encounter, including in a tomb, a treasure hoard, a mariner's chest, or any other appropriate place where something fun, compelling, and culturally evocative is desired. Suffice it to say that my inspiration for this list has come from my current adventure, a cruise through the "Viking Homelands" of the Baltic Sea!