Dragons! They're hot right now! Everybody and their aunt has one! And if you're going to have a dungeon, you might as well have a dragon.

There's more to an alchemist's workshop than a pestle and mortar and 1d10 bubbling beakers.

Last session in my River of Cradles campaign, the Heroes of of the new town of Brightwater, hosted what they hope will be the first seasonal Market for the town. One of the things I worked out for the session was a d100 list of possible trade goods that I could roll from for any trader with whom the character interacted.

Coffin? Barely knew him!

What lurks in a vampire's lair? Being d-infinity, you know we aren't talking about the usual bug-eating thralls, vampire brides, and your standard children of the night. We're talking about oddities!

What the elf!?

Sure, you know dark elves. But do you really know dark elves? More than just sinister counterparts to light elves with a love for underground realestate, dark elves are every bit as complex and confusing as humans. To help players craft more nuanced characters and help GMs build better worlds and more dynamic dark elf NPCs and societies, we here at d-Infinity present a growing list of facts you might not know about dark elves!

Dark elves use the same for for diplomat as they do for assassin.

Life's a bog.

It's time to leave the forge behind and venture into new lands we can populate with new unusual items, encouners, and creatures. This time we're ventuing into the swamp. the prefered stalking ground of venemous dragons, troll kings, and cultists of the oldest of old gods. How long will it take us to get to 100 entries this time?