There are many oaths anti-paladins take upon coming into their power to affirm their dedication to a particular brand of corruption, perfidy, or evil.

This week I will be discussing my five favorite post-apocalyptic movies. As those who know me and my work know all too well, I have been a fan of this genre since I was about 10 years old. During the 80’s I read every single post-apocalyptic novel I could get my hands on and watched all the terrible movies that were made back then.

The past two weeks I wrote about the kind of player and GM I don’t want to have anything to do with. I had considered writing up a top five for the types of GM’s that I DO enjoy gaming with, but I think I’ll leave that for next week.

Ok, GM’s Day isn’t for a few weeks yet. But why wait. GM’s Day is the ‘official’ day on which we are supposed to show our love for those self-sacrificing, tireless people that run games for the rest of us. I am including myself in the ‘us’ even though I often GM, because I also get to play. And as a player, I would like to issue a thank you to all the GMs out there who do so much to keep this hobby going.


It’s Saturday night. The snacks are out, the players are there, the GM is ready.

It is that time that many of us look forward to all week – Game Time [no, not the Superbowl. not this time].

So why aren’t you gaming? Or why aren’t you getting all the action you crave from your game sessions. The truth may be simpler, and easier to correct, than you think.

Maybe you don’t deserve better.

Last year one of the few episodes of D-Infinity live I was able to participate in was all about ‘That One Player’. We discussed the types of players we did not like to have in our games or play with us.

The really sad thing is that as a player, I fell into at least a couple of those ‘that one player’ categories! Fortunately I have never (at least intentionally!) fallen into any of the categories I am bringing up below.