I love videogames. I have played games since I was a young boy, way the hell back when Intellivison and the Atari 2600 were the big thing. Back then, there was no such thing as a ‘sandbox’ game, which allowed you to explore an entire world.

I love these types of games. Sure, Call of Duty and other first person shooters are fun; Halo is a great SF space opera, and so on.  The issue is that all these games are very limited in their scope. You don’t have an entire world to explore and play in. Thus the sandbox terminology.

Will Thrasher's list of pie fillings got me to thinking about the utility of a list of fantasy dishes. So here is a board of fare for the Orc barbarian, gnome rogue and elven sorcerer at the corner table. Feel free to add your own:

[Art is by Kazuya Takahashi]


1. Dire boar with raisins and cloves

2. Hart in a white wine reduction

3.  Tarts of Brie, selkie and sea anemone

4, Questing Beast and quince pie

For the past month I've been posting new installments of Ill Met in the Necropolis, a serialized swords & sorcery yarn set in the milieu of the Swords of Kos. As the story is proceeding apace, I'll be posting links to each installment here for your convenience.

Rousing goings on in at the Guild Hall.

Your fantasy campaign just isn't complete without a Thieves Guild! Where else can you find such an eclectic collection rogues, scum, antagonists, and unlikely allies to challenge your heroes? Any proper Thieves Guild has a long and storied history - even if most of that history is falsified to throw off the authorities and separate dull witted cutpurses from the cunning master thieves - and a collection of strange curios and abnormal treasures bespeaking the prowess of established members.