Following is Chapter 1 of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, an 1824 adventure novel set in 18th century Persia that was written by British diplomat James Justinian Morier. Additional chapters will follow weekly. We very much hope you will enjoy it! 

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Though creatures and the occasional object are the typical subjects of summoning spells, that excludes locations. The Road to Hell appears when called by anyone and helps in escapes as well as access to infernal power.

There are a many different contests called the trial of blood. Here are a few examples:

Sine Nomine recently released their new game, Silent Legions. It is a sandbox mythos game where almost everything, from aliens and cults to gods and conspiracies are designed by the GM before and during play. It has many tools in the form of charts and advice on how to play such a game. The rules for player characters can be used or replaced with another game, which makes it worth its weight in gold.

In the couple weeks I have owned it, I have come up with a variety of setting seeds and here are a few: