Following is the second chapter of "Colossus of Ylourgne," a 1934 novella by author Clark Ashton Smith that is set in his land of Averoigne, a dark fantasy version of a medieval province in southern France. This engaging and lurid story has influenced role-playing game development more than many people might expect, both credited and uncredited, and inspired images like the one by artist Eugene Jaworski that appears here. This story has six more chapters and we will post another every week or so. We hope you enjoy it!

A day late but what do you expect, I’m on vacation! This is my second-last blog for this vacation, and then I’m home and I’ll be adding links to my work.

This week has seen more work on the Weapons Compilation book, mainly adding some important rules to the game and clarifying a few entries. I hope to have it off in Michael Varhola’s hands by the end of my vacation.

March is rapidly coming to a close, and while it is fairly nice in some parts of the country, others are getting hit by springtime snow-storms. I recall several years in a row we had a snow-storm on the first of spring in Calgary.

As January comes to a close, it is time for my weekly ramblings and updates and all the usual material that my readers have come to expect from me.

Here are some ideas on what are the results of a cataclysm striking a fantasy setting. These are in addition to the typical results found in science fiction settings, such as desert wastelands, ruined cities and roving gangs. 

Forests of strange plants center around altars of Chaos. Every year, season ,week new creatures emerge to harass or slay people who live near the forests. These creatures are unique and sterile, so no one knows their weaknesses.

Limbo has gone through a startling number of changes for a plane of total chaos. In first edition, really intelligent characters could stabilize miles of material, but no one could control what exists in such regions. In third edition, the area was very reduced and some rare people could use the matter in flux to create whatever they want. Most were stuck with just converting one element to another. In fifth edition, the area is still pretty small, but now most people can mentally force their surroundings into desired forms.