A day or two ago Will Thrasher posted a conversion of a spell from the new D&D 5th Edition to Pathfinder for his ongoing game. I mentioned at the time that I was going to steal it for my own Runequest campaign. I did, and the result is to be found below.

My Runequest game primarily uses the Legend system developed by Mongoose, with some Old School Chaosium edition stuff thrown in for old time sake. This spell should work pretty easily with just about all versions.

After a year running one-shot adventures and demos, I am at last in a position to run a full Dungeons & Dragons campaign for 5th Edition. One of the first decisions I had to make was to pick a campaign setting, but being ambivalent to the most readily available D&D settings, both current in print and classic out of print realms, I decided to get back into the habit and design a new setting just for this campaign.

Ronnath reflects on his past and all the failures he has encountered.

This is more of a narrative from the first person view than an actual story, but I decided to post it anyhow!

This story is all about how Ronnath got the facial Tattoo that is visible in the image I had commissioned last month.

It's a bit longer than my usual fare, this story is just shy of 13,500 words long.

I hope you enjoy!

Another in the series of short stories I wrote about Ronnath the Elf Ranger and his baby girl, Cheonsa, a Tiefling.

Ronnath realizes he cannot teach Cheonsa everything the girl needs, so decides to return to the city of splendors to find a suitable teacher, one who would could see past the demonic heritage in the girl and who would be willing to leave the city.

It's a bit of a long story, somewhat longer than most of the stories I have posted over the past few years.

Well with the exception of Buck Who?

I hope you enjoy!

I totally forgot about two short stories I wrote! They should have been posted nearly four months ago.

This is the first one I missed.

Cheonsa and Ronnath are staying at a local Inn when the young girl is visited by an apparition. This soon leads to a horrific discovery.