Silver Dragon’s Thorn (Tattoo Shop)

Chris Van Deelen

Silver Dragon’s Thorn is a small tattoo shop located inside a narrow alleyway in the Artisan Quarter of Kos City. Nothing sets the business apart from others located in this area and the building itself is small and simply crafted from local limestone joined with mortar, with white-washed walls that show the outlines of the stone beneath. The area around it is very clean, however, and even the alley in both directions is constantly kept free of rubbish and debris. Above the door is a beautifully-crafted sign depicting a Silver Dragon in all its majesty, holding in its talons a thorn dripping with ink.

The owner of the shop is a comely middle-aged woman who is always dressed in an elegant white garment that cinched at the waist with a belt crafted from some sort of reptile hide and clasped with an elegantly-crafted silver dragon buckle. Her hair is white-blond and her eyes are a pale blue in color, marking her as a foreigner, not a native of Kos or the lands surrounding.

Those who have visited the establishment cannot recall the shop owner's name and no one is ever sure is this is simply because she never gives it or because some sort of enchantment causes them to forget it once they leave. Because of this unusual fact, those who know of the tattoo parlor have come to refer to the woman simply as "the Artist," for her skill with the thorn that she wields to create her works of art are beyond compare. She charges exorbitant prices for her work but those who get tattoos, body piercings, or even other changes in their physical appearance swear by her work.

Those who purchase the services of Artist are always treated to refreshing drinks and are often lulled into near-slumber by the songs she tends to sing as she goes about her work. Her modifications can be painful, but they are always quick and heal far faster than the tattoos provided by other vendors.

Rumor has it that the Artist is, in fact, a Silver Dragon; most scoff at this suggestion but there are those who would very much like to discover the truth for themselves, whether from curiosity or malicious intent. Another rumor holds that many who have received tattoos from the Artist swear that some of her more expensive images are magically imbued.

The interior of the Silver Dragon’s Thorn is surprisingly spacious when compared to the exterior and to many it almost seems impossible for the shop to be as large as it is. A single large table is set nearly the center of the room and a second, smaller table covered by a cloth is located beside it. Benches and pillows are spread around the room in strategic locations and the walls are covered in tapestries and parchments showing off the proprietor’s impressive skill and the wide variety of work she offers. A large beaded curtain is located near the rear of the room.

Several heavy leather-bound tomes are scattered throughout the room, each filled with images of