'Troll Warband' Cardstock Characters Released by Skirmisher!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its “Troll Warband,” a set of downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures devoted to two different sorts of Trolls, aquatic Meretrolls and savage Wolftrolls, at our PDF Shop

“Troll Warband” contains 10 different figures compatible with any tabletop or roleplaying games, including a three giant-sized Meretrolls, one of them a chieftain with magical powers; two human-sized Lesser Meretrolls; an allied Water Elemental; a large Wolftroll; a half-Troll wizard, both on foot and mounted on a Wolftroll; and a heavily armed-and-armored half-Wolftroll warlord. This set also includes horizontally-flopped versions of six of the figures, for a total of 16 different figures, as well as assembly instructions. 

These beautiful miniatures by noted fantasy artist Amanda Kahl are the ideal addition to any sort of tabletop fantasy RPG or wargame and can be used to enhance encounters or even serve as the basis for them. They have been developed with an eye for authenticity by game developer and Ragnarok: Age of Wolves author Clint Staples and are equipped with weapons, armor, and clothing appropriate to a Viking milieu.