'Thor and the Giant Skrymir' Released by Skirmisher!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of “Thor and the Giant Skrymir,” a short story set in the Viking epic era! It describes a number of iconic episodes involving the Norse god of thunder, including a series of seemingly simple contests that he just cannot seem to win and an inadvertent attack on one of his chariot goats. 

“Thor and the Giant Skrymir” is available at DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFiction both by itself for just 50¢ and as part of a special 51% off Mythic North Bundle of 10 titles that also includes our bestselling Ragnarok: Age of Wolves miniatures game; its "Viking Warriors," "Dwarf Soldiery," and "Troll Warband" sets of cardstock miniatures; the Gold-bestselling "100 Oddities for a Viking Encounter"; and a short story set in Norse waters.