Skirmisher Releases 'Mutant Plant Monsters'!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the “Mutant Plant Monsters”! This publication is available from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow and includes 80 plant mutations, discussions of plant strengths and weaknesses, and six sample monsters that demonstrate how to use the various elements that appear in this sourcebook (18 pages, $1.99).

It is possible to use plant creatures much more effectively than usual by using some real plant biology in conjunction with new mutations, and this publication shows how to do that.

Material in this publication was written specifically for the Mutant Future retroclone of Gamma World and can be used as-is with it and any other sci-fi, fantasy, or post-apocalyptic games that use the "Basic" version of the OGL system, and easily adapted to other games using the same core rules. It was written by prolific game developer Derek Holland.

“Mutant Plant Monsters” is also available in two special discounted bundles with similar publications.

Open Game License: This very special 75% off bundle contains 23 Skirmisher Publishing OGL titles, including its just-released Mutant Plant Monsters; its Platinum bestselling Experts guide to skill-based characters; its Men & Monsters of PolynesiaNoble WildInsults & InjuriesEdgar Rice Burroughs' Mars, and Moat Monsters sourcebooks; the entire "Cooper's Corrected" series of fixes and expansions to OGL monster stats; and lots more.

Mutants: This special 50% off bundle contains nine Mutant-oriented titles, six OGL system sourcebooks that can be used as-is or easily adapted for any d20-based and many other games; the Gold-bestselling "100 Oddities for a Wasteland" universal resource;  and two sets of downloadable miniatures that can be used with any sci-fi, modern, or post-apocalyptic games!