Skirmisher Releases 'The Living Building'!

Michael O. Varhola
Skirmisher Publishing is excited to announce the release of “The Living Building” at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! This mini-sourcebook was written by game developer Derek Holland and includes cartography by artist William T. Thrasher (22 pages, $1.99). 

“The Living Building” describes an adventure location that is both a little pre-generated and a little customizable, is immediately expandable and adaptable, and can be replayed without seeming like a re-run, because the building changes even as characters explore it. It includes background and physical description for the title structure; a floorplan for a particular living building; problems with living buildings that can make them interesting and dangerous places to explore; tips on using living buildings in game sessions; tables for determining the contents of rooms; hazards that characters might face in living buildings; and a section on monsters particularly likely to be encountered in living buildings that includes four new creatures and three new mutations. 
“Just after dawn, a village scout dashed from the forest carrying a wondrous, and perhaps even terrifying, story of a huge, circular shell with a door, a massive coiled building that sprang up during the night. And it is still growing … ”