Skirmisher Gets Events Ready for Comicpalooza

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing LLC has begun preparing the dozen games and game-oriented events it will be running at Comicpalooza 2012 with an eye to making sure they will be as fun and run as smoothly as possible. 

“It is seven months until Comicpalooza but we want to leave as little as we can to chance,” said Skirmisher head Michael O. Varhola. “We have been responsible for as many as six events at Gen Con and are going to be running twice as many as that Comicpalooza so, the more we can do to make sure everything is square before we hit the ground, the better.”

Skirmisher will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at Comicpalooza and that is part of its motivation for pulling out all the stops and running as many events as possible at the convention. The company will also be giving away at least $3,000 worth of its products at the convention and much of this will be in the form of prizes for participants in its games.

Following are descriptions for some of the 12 events Skirmisher is currently planning on running at Comicpalooza and these will be refined and updated as the convention approaches.

Meet d-Infinity Magazine: Join publisher Michael O. Varhola for an informative discussion on the past, present, and future of d-Infinity magazine, the gaming hobby’s only quarterly multi-platform, multi-publisher game supplement.

Enter the Jester Dragon’s Lair: Learn how Skirmisher Publishing LLC made its mark on the d20 game system with its creation of concepts like Defects, Subtypes, and more! This session promises to be of interest to anyone interested in the d20 system in particular or game design in general. Handouts containing all the rules innovations discussed and free game content will be provided to attendees!

Farces of Darkness (d20): Battle the light as a member of a predominantly chaotic and evil party of renegade adventurers in this scenario inspired by the popular Skirmisher Publishing LLC book Nuisances! Participants will be able to select from various depraved, erratic, or otherwise defective characters, including a classic Anti-Paladin, a Gnoll priest, and several others.

Offenders of the Faith (d20): Attack the darkness as a member of a predominantly lawful and good party of stalwart but somewhat misguided adventurers in this scenario inspired by the popular Skirmisher Publishing LLC book Nuisances! Participants will be able to select from various defenders of virtue, including some of the Archtypical Characters presented inNuisances.

Return to the Burial Peaks (d20): Join a party of adventures lost in a subterranean labyrinth who stumble upon a dungeon stranger than any they have ever encountered and the alien creatures that dwell within it.

War of the Little Orcs: This huge, ongoing demonstration game will allow many players to participate and involve dozens of models, hundreds of miniatures, and Skirmisher’s unique combat resolution system — which is based on live catapult fire!

Plus, six more terrific events, with information about them to come!

For more information about any of the listed games, contact Skirmisher