Publisher Update -- Lots Going On!

Michael O. Varhola

To say we are staying busy at Skirmisher HQ would be a bit of an understatement and it would be more accurate to note that we are currently in production with more projects then we ever have been before. Here's what we've got going on:

* Just sent to print a revised and improved edition of the game classic H.G. Wells' Little Wars, in time to have copies available for Gen Con.

* Have finished layout and design on Chris Van Deelen's Creatures of the Tropical Wastes, which is very nearly done and now one step closer to being ready for release.

* Working on the cover for David M. Fitzgerald's Cthulhu Live LARP script "The Island."

* Editing and setting up layouts for Lloyd Brown's Game Retailer Guide.

* Collecting art and moving ahead with the layouts for Clint Staples' Mythos Society Guide to New England.

* Finally working on the long-overdue layouts for some of artist Carter Dippold's great Cardstock Characters for use with "Adventures in Wonderland" and "The Noble Wild."

* Editing the files for Ken Spencer's Interplanetary science fiction role-playing game, to include a preview of monsters for the upcoming edition of the d-Infinity multi-platform game supplement.

* Collecting art for and working with the manuscript of Eric Lis' sourcebook on disease, injury, and illness, to include an article on two particular diseases for d-Infinity.

* And, naturally, trying to get Volume #3 of d-Infinity done in time for release at Gen Con!