Kickstarter Project Update #5: Looking at the Numbers

Michael O. Varhola

Following is one of the periodic updates we have been sending out about our "Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting" Kickstarter campaign! Please check out this great project, see all the terrific rewards we are offering, and consider coming on board as a backer. A pledge of even $1 will make you an investor in a very worthwhile gaming project! 

Somewhat more than two-thirds of the way through this Kickstarter campaign, we are experiencing an interesting numerical convergence: as of this writing, we have 83 backers and are also 83% of the way toward our funding goal. We have been looking at ways to give our backers more for their pledges, and so today we will kick that off with an incentive inspired by our most current relevant number.

* In short, if you pledge $83 -- or increase your current pledge to that amount -- we will give you all the normal rewards you would get, plus all those associated with the $90, $100, and $125 pledge levels! We will honor this offer for the next day, so help out us and yourself and make the most of the occurrence of this improbable prime number. (Don't worry if you have already pledged $90 or more, because we are going to give you some special additional rewards as well.)

* Project art director Will Thrasher has also just posted a new video to our Kickstarter page, and it features Skirmisher Publishing LLC editor-in-chief discussing the motivation for the current project and how we are going to use the money raised for it.

* Thanks to the 83 wonderful people who have had faith in this project and pledged to back it! We are grateful for your support and are looking forward to producing a fantasy campaign setting sourcebook you can be proud to have invested in.