Kickstarter Project Update #23: Comicpalooza and More!

Michael O. Varhola

Thanks to all of the "Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting" Kickstarter backers who came out to see or work with us at Comicpalooza over Memorial Day Weekend in Houston! Skirmisher Publishing had nearly twenty people on the ground running games, manning an exhibit booth, and hosting the convention's Saturday night party. Following are several items of note for those of you who were only able to join us in spirit. 

* One of our two major releases at the convention was d-Infinity Vol. #5: Full Circle, which contains articles and illustrations by all the members of our "Swords of Kos" team! It also includes a full page of "Kos" miniatures by artist Amanda Kahl, to include the seven we sent our backers as a bonus reward and six more, "Pumayo, Tiefling Wizard/Transmuter," his "Animated Shield," and "Kidna, Fiendish Viper Familiar," a "Mummy/Embalmed Zombie," an "Achilles" animated bronze statue, and an "Ornate Sarcophagus." We have attached the entire sheet and their descriptions to this message as an additional bonus for all our Kickstarter backers and hope you will enjoy using them in your own games! And you can check out the rest of what is in d-Infinity Vol. #5 at

* We also released a print edition of the Swords of Kos: Hekaton multi-author fiction anthology at Comicpalooza! Everyone who is an Adventurer of Kos Level 5 or better should have already received electronic copies of that (and if you should have and did not please let us know), and we will send out print copies to everyone who is an Adventurer of Kos Level 6 or higher over the next week. And if you do not have a print copy of Hekaton coming to you but would like one, just post a positive review of the electronic edition of the book on and we will gladly send you one! 

* A member of the Skirmisher team at Comicpalooza was Kos Kickstarter backer John Giddens, one of our Heroes of Kos. He was entitled to a real sword as one of his rewards for backing the project and this was presented to him by publisher Michael O. Varhola (left). 

* Skirmisher also held a press conference at Comicpalooza and, in addition to telling people about d-Infinity Vol. #5 and Hekaton, made two major announcements. One was about our amazing new Bookforge project, which allows gamers to purchase individual pieces of game content -- such as monsters, feats, or spells -- and to then create their own custom sourcebooks with it. The other was about Lloyd R. Brown's insightful Game Retailer Guide, which we will be releasing at Gen Con in August. 

* We have continued to make progress on the "Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting" but, unfortunately, are a bit behind schedule on it. In order to keep our valued backers from having to wait any longer than necessary, however, we are within the next few weeks going to begin sending out PDF copies of individual chapters and sections. We will, of course, still send out full PDF and print copies of the combined sourcebook to everyone entitled to them once it is assembled in its entirety! 

Thanks! We hope you have been enjoying your rewards for backing the "Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting" Kickstarter and know you will love the great things yet to come. And please help us out by getting out the word about us through reviewing our products, liking our posts on Facebook, and posting to your own sites about Bookforge and the other things Skirmisher is doing as a company!