Kickstarter Project Update #1: Welcome to the World of Kos!

Michael O. Varhola

Following is one of the periodic updates we have been sending out about our "Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting" Kickstarter campaign! Please check out this great project, see all the terrific rewards we are offering, and consider coming on board as a backer. A pledge of even $1 will make you an investor in a very worthwhile gaming project! 

The 13 days since we launched Skirmisher Publishing LLC's "Swords of Kos Campaign Setting" Kickstarter project have been busy and productive and we wanted to update everyone interested in it about what has been going on! 

* Thanks to everyone who has pledged to back this project! You are the ones who have brought us this far and we are grateful for your support. 

* We have added an FAQ section at the bottom of our Kickstarter page with answers to questions people have asked us, so please check it out and see if we have addressed anything you were wondering about. And if you still have questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask us! 

* Right after this Kickstarter campaign ends, we will be giving a live, online presentation in which we discuss highlights of the project, answer questions, and the like. Check out the details on Facebook, at, and come if you can! 

* At the rate we are currently receiving pledges, we will exactly reach our goal of $3,000 when the campaign ends on the evening of September 5. With that in mind, we will be stepping up our efforts to promote this Kickstarter campaign over the next week or so, both so that we won't have to worry about falling short by a few dollars at the tail end and so that we can attempt to stretch past our goals and accomplish some of the additional special things we would like to do. 

* Please help us out over the coming days! If you have not yet pledged to support this worthwhile project, please do. If you have already pledged, look back through the rewards we are offering and see if there is something at a higher level that appeals to you -- all our rewards stack, so if you increase your pledge, you will get everything you were planning on and more. And either way, please tell your friends about this project, share our posts on Facebook, mention it on your websites, and otherwise help us get out the word about it. 

That's it for now! Thanks again for your interest in and support for our efforts to produce a beautiful, detailed swords-and-sorcery campaign setting sourcebook.