'Jester Dragon's Trove of Trinkets' Released by Skirmisher!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of “The Jester Dragon’s Trove of Trinkets” at its own PDF Shop! This 18-page system-free sourcebook is dedicated to the company’s enigmatic mascot is illustrated by artist William T. Thrasher and written by him and game developer Clint Staples. 

Trinkets can be found just about anywhere and might even be generated randomly during the process of character creation. This book contains 100 items that can be used for such purposes, along with customization options that include Minor Magical Effects and Hidden Contents. 

Like all of the other Jester Dragon’s Guides or the entries in the affiliated “100 Oddities” series, this book can be used in multiple ways, from generating single mundane or minor magical items to creating hooks for entire adventures. And if you play D&D then, if desired, you can simply use the main table in this book in place of or in addition to the Trinkets table in the Player’s Handbook