H.G. Wells' 'Floor Games' Released by Skirmisher!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its edition of author H.G. Wells’ Floor Games at its PDF Shop!

Often referred to as a companion volume to H.G. Wells’ wargaming classic Little Wars, Floor Games is “the Father of Miniature Wargaming’s” first volume devoted to recreational gaming. Highlights include a lighthearted, often humorous discussion on the theory and methodology behind a wide variety of “floor” and tabletop games and tips on the use and creation of improvised models, terrain, and other gaming props.

Skirmisher’s edition of Floor Games includes a Foreword by renowned game designer James F. Dunnigan — founder of game company SPI and magazine Strategy & Tactics and creator of such well-known classic wargames as Jutland, Panzerblitz, and Victory at Sea — that discusses Wells’ influence on the development of the modern wargame and an Introduction by game designer and publisher Michael. O. Varhola that discusses the first edition of this book, the special challenges related to republishing it, and its significance to modern wargames and role-playing games alike.