90% Off ‘March Mayhem’ Bundle

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a special 90% off March Mayhem customer appreciation bundle! If we had anything with Leprechauns they would surely be in this bundle, but we don’t, and so instead it contains nine titles worth nearly $30, unified only by the fact that all of their names start with “M,” for just $2.99. 

They include our universal “Mediterranean Campaign Map,” “Men & Monsters of the Aegean” sourcebook, rules-free “Mercantile Places (City Builder Vol. 6),” “Mines of Moira” adventure, “Moat Monsters” sourcebook, “Mysterious Relics” guide to pantheon-specific temple objects and furnishings, “Mythos Society Guide to New England” universal guidebook, “Mutant Race” sourcebook, and “Morlocks” miniatures. 

We very much hope you enjoy all of them! And if you only end up using one or two of them then you will have still gotten a great deal.